1 – Pamphlet

New from Grand Master Corporation (GMC), come now and purchase for yourself the latest version of Breathe™! What is different with Breathe™ from the other protection suits? Not only will it protect you from barrages of frown and the likes, it also helps supplies 40% of your oxygen needs.

What is the secret behind this feat of the century? An epic combination of your usual suit and supplemental oxygen is due to the consortium of microbes carefully selected and cultured in matrices of the suit. Do not worry about feeding the consortium; it balances its own nutrient needs!  

Decrease your consumption of huge cans of buffered photosynthetic microalgae from now with this breakthrough!

What are you waiting for? Throw away your gas mask now and start suiting up with Breathe™! Buy now and get one free entry to the big GM raffle; first place getting the complete set of Wander-no-More™, giving you the chance to never set foot outside the loving comfort of your home. Never get exposed to frowns again, do every chore from the monitor and motion sensor connected to your droid of Wander-no-More™!


… At least that is what the pamphlet says.

Cry forced me to take it with me as he said it might be useful someday, but I just could not go along with his reasoning. Yet, rather than debating something along the lines of whether we need the piece of paper in the middle of a huge frown, I decided to just run up to it, pick it up and shout at Cry to move along. Taste the Memories is going to air in an hour and a half.

Go to next chapter: Frowns


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