2 – Frowns

But why, it has been so long since it rains frowns and we are having fun, Cry asked.

“We need to go to the cinema quickly, Cry. Taste the Memories is playing soon.”

And, I continued, it is not raining, it is frowning. We better not be exposed to it for too long or something bad might happen to us.

Cry laughed, I think he is, I could not see his face beneath the gas mask but I think so because he walks to me in a sort of what might be a dance. He has been excited about finally watching Taste The Memories for some time now.

His walk speed is syncing on with me as we walk through the rubble next to us to buy us more time. There are puddles of frown here and there and in any opportunity he could muster, Cry would jump up the puddle and let a bang of frown to jump up, deluding the entirety of his suit with frown (and parts of mine, too). I voiced my annoyance each time he did this prank, but it does not seem to affect his action in the least.

I am hesitant because money has been a bit tight this month, but I finally forced myself to go in a shop along the way when Cry commented some frown got in one of his eyes and it feels like burning in his mask.

“Serves you right,” I said to Cry as I think he began to cry in his gas mask, “Keep crying, that would dissolve the acid to a more bearable concentration.”

Frown is what GM has named this acid rain we have been having for a long time now. It was named early in the era and was at first deemed safe, but care should be maintained in prolonged exposure as, well, it is acid.

In reaction to the name ‘frown’, weathermen across the world seem to be in no debate for calling the exact opposite to be ‘smile’.

That is a good one, smile, but as this era goes on, smile turns to worse, when it should be sunny and the sky is blue, now a smile is when black, acidic clouds seem to hover on the horizon in stills, waiting for it to grow lower in temperature and shed mild corrosive acid. Darkness is never far this deep in the era, just survivors of the past era could describe well how a regular day with smile is.

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