3 – Apple Candy

“Is it okay now, Cry?”

“I think so, but it is still itching everywhere in my body.”

“You did not say that before,” I said in grumble, “so we still have to go in the store anyway, right?”

“And a piece of candy, please. I swear I will behave with a piece of candy,” he replied with a light giggle, toying on me for agreeing to go to the general store.

“Why, you…” I decided anyway to just let that one slide as we are already before the shop owner.

“Buffer, please, and two piece of whatever sweets you have,” I said to the owner.

“I am going to look around!” Cry ran without hearing my opinion on him going around the store.

“I am terribly sorry, but the liquid buffer-cans are all sold out,” the owner shrugged the back of his head, “many people came and bought them one by one off the shelf.”

“Well yeah, I suppose. Nobody thought it is going to frown today, I guess, the weatherman said it is going to be smiling all day long today.”

“Yeah, good money today,” the man replied, “how about limestone powder? I think we still have that at the back of our store. Better than nothing, right?”

“That will do. Oh, and we would need Kit™, two sachets would suffice,” I said which is answered in a light nod as the man walks to the back of his shop.

Limestone is what men early in the era used to protect themselves against frown. It is basic in nature and serves as a good buffer. A puff of limestone powder all over the body could keep it neutral for quite some time. We all use liquid buffer nowadays, but I suppose limestone could do for now.

“But really, it is not unusual for weatherman to be wrong these days, right? So much for the development of science. The more we go on, the more we do not understand how the world works,” the merchant seemed to still be interested in chatting as he walked up to the counter with a handful of bagged limestone powder and Kit™.

“Well, there is nothing we could do about it, right? Trust in GM, they said.”

Cry runs up to me, holding the candy he wants. It is apple-flavored with a hint of mint.

“You know, little kid. This candy does not taste like an apple at all. This one is sugar-coated crap compared to the real one,” the merchant picked it and counted up the total of what I buy from him, “too bad they had already gone extinct. My father got one when it was already numbered all over the world, and you know what he did? He cut it up and told us to each have a piece and remember the taste.”

“Does that not mean he valued his family well-being higher? He must have guessed fruits are going to be extinct and want the apple to be like one-of-a-kind inheritance.”

“I was stupid then, if only I know that sweet fruit was considered a prized possession by then, I would have forced him to sell it and my family would still be rich by now,” he laughed as he showed his calculator to me, indicating how much I have to pay him, “but, still, yeah. That is something I could boast off to people. You could sell your soul to the devil now and still you would not be able to get a taste of real apple.”

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