4 – Sea Smell

The conversation went on talking about apple until Cry and I got out of the store. I stopped him as he is going to open his gas mask to chew on his candy because I am going to put on a new batch of Kit™ into the oxygen can in his suit.

“I do not like it, Kit™ stinks.”

“At least you are breathing, now, do not complaint.”

True, you can smell nitrate and trace amount of sulfur from Kit™. An earlier generation mentioned it always feels like you breathe near the seashore, but we would not know because we have never been near the seashore.

What is Kit™? To put it simply, it is a supplement of freeze-dried photosynthetic marine micro-algae with enhanced ability to produce oxygen compared to nutrient for its own survival. It has been revised multiple times now, claiming the newer version to last longer than before and all other babble but I never thought them to be strikingly different. They always stink like sea.

Frowns always make the air unable to be inhaled. Highly reactive oxygen in the air with acid rain changes oxygen to a more toxic form. That is why there are cans in our suit. It provides a saline system for the micro-algae to grow and produce oxygen for us to consume.

“It is heavy to always carry around the can,” Cry complained again, “you should really buy us that suit mentioned in the pamphlet!”

“Yeah, right. Those things cost a ton, and if you listen carefully, they only supplied around 20% of your oxygen need so you still have to lug around the can. You still need Kit™ in the end,” I fought along with his words.

“Aww geez, really? Grand Master, my ass.”

True, they have not been producing good things nowadays. So much for science, like what the shop owner said. “Okay, we are all set. Let’s go on again,” I said as I rise up and hold his hand and walk again to the cinema.

My gas mask start to stink more and more sea-like, as along the way the frown is stopping. Maybe in half an hour or so we could open our gas mask and breathe like usual again. Even for a short while, breathing without support is valuable.

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