5 – Crier

Whenever frowns positively are going to clear, GM would release Crier™ to the sky. Contained within small rockets, Crier™ usually would be deployed from the nearest GM sentry-watch available. The rockets are engineered to be able to shoot past the black clouds, to a more pristine slice of atmosphere (water-wise) where it would then implode and scatter the complex within to the area. This would trigger liquid water to form and precipitate, diluting frown on the ground to a harmless concentration.

Though not actually a product of science from the newer era, Crier™ is still used around the world because of its efficiency and ease to reproduce.

What is actually being shot to the sky? Table salt is accountable for a lot of the weight of each rockets, as its hygroscopic nature helps water molecules to bind. One other is dry ice, which helps induce low temperature to liquefy  water. Those are among the ones stated by the GM to be within Crier™, the rest are either nothing I know the function of or deemed as patented secret of the organization.

Well, anyway, I do not think of Crier™ to be something worth revolting against GM for. As long as it keeps making normal rain fall down to the earth, I stand perfectly content.

As soon as the cool drops wipe the acid away from the surrounding vicinity, Cry and I are perfectly safe to open the gas mask and inhale the momentary fresh air as much as our lungs could want.

As if it is not enough, the rain also evoke some sort of smell that no frown could create. They said it is the smell of the old world, ones the inhabitant of past eras frequently would smell.

The smell reminds you of empty memories and you cannot help but feel melancholic over nothing.  But really, the moment until it is necessary to bear mask again; everything is perfect bliss.

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