6 – GMC

Grand Master Corporation is a subsidiary of the global government which was intended for the application of life sciences to counter the natural phenomenon of the current world. Its major responsibility is to upgrade and innovate practical products as an aegis for the survival of mankind, and as such also has to spearhead every research deemed beneficial for the war against the world.

Not many people know this, but the GM also maintains the largest, working database of research publications available since time beginning. Lesser known is this (maybe the correct term is ‘people turn a blind eye to this’): the GM has now absolute monopoly in the market of survival-ware. Grand Master Corporation is the sole benefactor of all progress mankind had that are the prerequisite for life in this day and age; GM is literally holding mankind’s future in their hands.

It was not started as Grand Master Corporation. The previous name was mentioned in passing some bygone years ago so I could not clearly remember it now; I think it has the word ‘Health’ in it, and something that insinuates it to be a worldwide venture.

The world’s condition is much worse than back then, and drastic measure were taken in order for mankind to live despite  harsh environment. Roughly 70% of the world resources are now authorized to belong to GM for research purposes, and every man is forced to live in bare necessity until the dark age dissipates, or further GM notice. What you can see only on socialist countries in earlier days of the dark age is now what it looks like even on major first-world cities.

So, yeah, what I am trying to say in this part is this; there is no allocated fund for entertainment. What do you think Taste The Memories would show? No special effects; that is a hint, but it should be something you could pull out of this passage. I hope everybody is venturing guesses and imagining their own Taste The Memories.

Only six blocks to walk from here, Cry’s excitement is starting to well up again.

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